Climatopolis China YANGZE RIVER CENTER

Soft mobility and short circuits for the benefit of the environment and the well-being of local residents.
Scheduled for completion in 2021, this 15,000 m2 smart city has been designed in line with sustainable architectural practices, using materials such as wood, stone and recycled plant products from the circular economy for construction biomaterials, insulation, glues and paints.
Our architect partner Duccio Cardelli respected all environmental constraints to make this exceptional site an exemplary and unique design model in the country, combining eco-construction, renewable energies, sustainable water management and the restoration of biodiversity in this industrial wasteland.
This first greentech scientific complex is an exemplary smart city, which has made it possible to rehabilitate a disused and polluted former factory. This Smart City dedicated to climate change has even won the PLATINIUM and SILVER AWARD awards reserved for outstanding innovations in buildings of the future.

A green scientific Smart-City & an exceptional international technology center for the environment, with associated high value-added services:

  • A specific acceleration program for greentech startups (ENR, green chemistry, recycling, decarbonization...)
  • An R&D center, an engineering school, a training center and MOOC programs focused on the environment to prepare students for tomorrow's professions and meet local needs.
  • Unique places to innovate and generate synergies between the various start- ups in the Climatopolis network. (fab-lab, conference and exhibition room, climate museum)
  • Co-living spaces and apartments for start-up employees and students.
  • Local restaurants and stores