Our financing solutions

Solutions to suit every company: grants, non-guaranteed loans, subsidized investments, etc.

Public funding for green innovation

Why apply for a loan? Loans and grants dedicated to the environmental sector are designed to accelerate projects linked to the ecological and energy transition. They enable investment in sustainable mobility, training, recycling, equipment, green energies, working capital, inventories and more. They are awarded after an in-depth study of the application and are governed by strict rules to control the use of funds.


The BPI, or Banque Publique d'Investissement, is a public body whose aim is to finance innovative, industrial projects with a high ecological impact. It offers a wide range of grants and loans.

Region Sud

Cedre Premier Pas enables you to carry out your first ecological transition actions with the help of a certified coach. This scheme can lead to a Cedre Investment, which enables you to materialize the Cedre First Step investments.


Interreg is a scheme for developing cooperation between different European regions, supporting innovative solutions in the fields of urban, rural and coastal development, economic development and environmental management.


The LIFE program is a European Commission financial instrument entirely dedicated to supporting projects in the fields of environment, climate and energy.

Green Deal

The Green Deal Union subsidizes : Supporting the ecological and digital transition of European industry Supporting and developing the circular economy Protecting biodiversity and developing new farming techniques Integration of circular energy systems, clean fuels and hydrogen


ADEME grants support projects with ambitious environmental objectives. We can help you prepare your financing applications in response to the various calls for projects.


Chambers of commerce and industry support regional economic development by providing assistance to small and medium-sized businesses.

Private financing and non-guaranteed loan

The Climatopolis team can help you raise funds and apply for non-guaranteed loans. We can help you accelerate your growth through our network of financial partners.

Fund raising

Open up your capital to give you the means to achieve your ambitions. We have an extensive network of French and international investor partners (business angels, investment funds, major groups, foundations, etc.) with investment capacities ranging from a few thousand euros to several million.

Non-guaranteed loans

Loans from €30,000 to €5 million for : Acquisitions, share buybacks, business takeovers, renovations and refurbishments, purchase of tangible assets, investments in tangible assets, international investments, refinancing of partners' current accounts or vendor loans.

Research tax credit

The CIR enables companies to finance their research and development activities through tax incentives and the assumption of certain expenses. These cover operations linked to fundamental, applied and experimental research, as well as expenditure on design activities, prototypes and pilot installations.

Innovation tax credit

This extension of the innovation tax credit is aimed at SMEs with research and development expenditure up to December 31, 2024. The innovation tax credit covers up to 30% of expenditure up to €100,000,000, and up to 5% of expenditure over €100,000,000.

The steps


Feasibility study and scope

Our team of experts will study your structure and assess the feasibility of the project

Internal audit

Collection of documents needed to build your case, exchanges with experts and lawyers

Validation of
your file

Your file is validated by the experts and then submitted to the relevant departments.

Follow-up and review

Follow-up of the file and changes to be made if necessary. A report will be drawn up at each stage.