European Climate Pact

Our consultants have been working for the European Union for 6 years as experts on H2020 and the Green Deal. We are also Climate Pact Ambassadors for the European Climate Pact, taking concrete action via Climatopolis Smart Cities. As ambassadors, our mission is to communicate the impacts of climate change to local authorities, businesses and the general public, raising awareness and involving them in the solutions they can adopt and how they can adapt.

CEDRE Premier Pas

Our consultants have been awarded the Cèdre Premier Pas PACA (First Step Cedar for the PACA region) label. This scheme enables you to carry out your first ecological transition actions with the help of a certified coach. This scheme can lead to a Cedre Investissement, which enables the Cèdre Premier Pas investments to materialize.


WOODCO has been producing biomass heating systems for over 20 years, with dozens of installations in Ireland, France, England and the U.S.A. Determined to combat climate change and replace fossil fuels with low-impact heating systems, the company's directors invest heavily in R&D to constantly innovate and produce biomass heating units ranging from 15 Kw for private homes to 500 Kw for professionals in the accommodation, industry, distribution, agriculture and leisure sectors. The heating units are remotely managed by reliable, totally secure monitoring systems. Specific maintenance and intervention contracts are provided for by the Company, which is permanently on hand to provide customers with a tailor-made service throughout the use of the biomass heating systems produced by WOODCO. WOODCO also has a spare parts sales and dispatch site, which ensures extremely rapid after-sales service in the event of an intervention on one of its installations. To date, WOODCO has designed, manufactured, shipped and installed over 4,000 biomass boilers in its various sales sectors. The family-run company has won numerous prizes and awards for its technical innovations and its efforts to promote the energy transition.


The production of new fuels from wood waste (sawdust, vine shoots, nuts, citrus fruits, lost pallets, etc.) is an exceptional opportunity to move away from petroleum- based fuels. We are integrators of EHW machines in France. From micro-factories with a productivity of 1000 kg/h up to large quantities or truck-mounted plants, the range is extended according to the different needs of the customer and the specific environmental situations required. EHW systems feature state-of-the-art technology, high performance, low maintenance and low energy consumption. In line with the Industry 4.0 concept, EHW plants are equipped with a remote control and assistance system, with the possibility of transmitting and storing historical data files, as well as monitoring and automatically adjusting key operating parameters, designed to ensure optimum process conditions.


Founded by Mario Gajić, the BWF aims to promote all technologies, actions and practices for the protection of drinking water worldwide, and to co-create new global trends in water safety and versatility. Together with their partners and experts, they seek out and reward innovative solutions and projects that help preserve water resources and the aquatic environment.

"Water is a precious common good that must be conserved because it sustains life for humans, animals and biodiversity. It is also a central component of climate regulation and of our economy, particularly agriculture and energy".

Team for the Planet

Team for the Planet is a new-generation sustainable fund. Its investment thesis is highly innovative, focusing exclusively on startups that reduce or avoid Co2 emissions. Impact is measured by the number of tons of CO2 emissions avoided or captured by its holdings, using the Climate Dividend methodology. 120,000 shareholders, including the French government, have joined this environmental initiative. is one of the flagship startups in Team For the Planet's portfolio, and a prime example of this global impact movement.


15 years ago, And Studio was still just an idea, a wish that two young designers, Duccio Cardelli and Ning Wang, had together. After 12 years with architecture firm Christian de Portzamparc, Pritzker Price 1994, in 2014 And Studio Paris was opened, followed shortly afterwards by the Shanghai office. Since then, the firm has continued to grow in experience and projects worldwide, collaborating with the best international and local experts. And Studio's team of architects and designers is federated around environmental issues, sustainable land use, green architecture and eco-design. Their aim is to shape tomorrow's world as we think it should be: connecting different communities and promoting their integration, striving for a good quality of life, cultivating knowledge and education for younger generations, keeping up with emerging technologies and, above all, respecting the planet. Architecture reflects its time and values, its social and cultural practices. And Studio has founded a place of connection and exchange, creating the necessary communication and connection between professionals to always find the ideas of our time.

Solar Impulse

To meet ecological challenges without undermining economic growth, renowned scientific explorer Bertrand Piccard and the Solar Impulse Foundation have identified 1000+ clean, cost-effective solutions, and are now committed to going even further. By offering political and economic decision-makers a Guide to Solutions capable of being implemented on a large scale, the Foundation will help them draw up a roadmap for adopting far more ambitious energy and environmental programs, and thus achieving their carbon neutrality goals. Climatopolis and its expert Olivier Camp are working with the Foundation to meet the ecological challenges and support the development of the more than 1,000 solutions selected by Solar Impulse.