Waste energy in your processes: a significant source of savings

We recover waste heat from your industrial processes and convert it into energy.

Optimize your industrial process

Against a backdrop of gradually limiting the use of fossil fuels and cutting CO2 emissions, the recovery and valorization of wasted waste energy in industrial companies and local authorities is a key government objective of the energy transition.

We offer various processes

Deposits of waste heat by sector of activity

  • Food industry
  • Chemicals / Plastics
  • Paper / Cardboard Metals, including iron and steel
  • Non-metallic materials (cement, glass) Refining
  • IUOM
  • Data centers

Waste heat: how does it work?

Waste heat consists in recovering the calories produced during an industrial process whose purpose is not to produce heat (heat in furnace or boiler chimneys, for example).

Identification methodology

  • Selection of the most energy-intensive processes: furnaces, dryers, boilers, etc.
  • Action on the most accessible emissions: fumes (from furnaces and boilers) - vapors (from dryers).
  • Elimination of the least efficient temperature levels: <100°C

Waste heat recovery

  • Collection of waste heat by heat exchangers
  • Raising or lowering the thermal level
  • Electricity generation via ORC system
  • Storage
  • Latent heat via PCM (phase-change material)