On a unique, exceptional site in the heart of Toulouse, close to a 2-hectare park of protected woodland, where a natural spring flows, the unique RESPIRE concept is developing an innovative global healthcare offering.

The well-being of patients and their carers is at the heart of our commitment:

  • Innovative outpatient surgery
  • Multidisciplinary medical consultations
  • Prevention and sports check-ups
  • Wellness 2.0
  • A nutritional biology laboratory
  • A green chemistry laboratory coupled with a robotized vertical greenhouse for growing medicinal plants
  • A gas pedal for greencare (health and environment) start-ups
  • A high-end hotel restaurant
  • A health-related conference, training and cultural center
The GREEN-CARE innovation cluster developed by CLIMATOPOLIS aims to accelerate the development of start-ups specializing in health and the environment, while combining R&D with high-tech training. The aim of CLIMATOPOLIS SANTE is to develop and accelerate the market launch of innovations that are good for our environment and have a positive impact on our health.
  • Development of a medical drone cluster for emergency, drug delivery and disability assistance.
  • Artificial intelligence solutions dedicated to emergency medicine and radiology, to detect anomalies, prioritize examinations and alert doctors.
  • Innovations in nutrition, alternative medicine, E-sport and all solutions to ensure better health through sport, mental fitness and nutrition.
Site employees, convalescing patients, companions and visitors can take advantage of the exceptional setting of the LARDENNE site, and enjoy a comfortable hotel, a quality restaurant, a gym and specific coaches to support them in their overall health journey.