Environmental audit, a new strategic lever

Réussissez votre transition énergétique et écologique grâce aux audits : Bilan carbone, audit énergétique et diagnostic d’écoconception.

Energy audit Who is it for? Why?

Mandatory for companies with more than 250 employees, an energy audit is a prerequisite for any type of project, whether it involves renovating or selling a building, or investing in a renewable energy solution, lighting, hot water or industrial machinery.

Optimize your resources

An energy and environmental audit is an invaluable tool for improving your company's overall performance, measuring the effectiveness of your CSR policy, reducing your CO2 emissions, saving money and combating global warming. An energy and environmental audit can help any type of organization make the transition to a sustainable model.

Financial issues

  • Reduce your consumption and costs significantly with an energy audit, and improve your competitiveness.
  • Identify sources of energy savings.
  • Invest in and finance your energy transition through a range of grants and loans for businesses.

Ecological issues

  1. Reduce your Co2 impact and meet environmental and energy objectives.
  2. Turn your CSR policy into a marketing and sales challenge.
  3. Meet the expectations of your customers and consumers.
  4. Become a committed player and make an active contribution to global ecological issues.

Compliance challenges

  1. Become compliant with current regulatory requirements without constraints.
  2. Anticipate regulatory changes to stand out from your competitors.
  3. Obtain energy and environmental certification (EMAS, Greensafe, etc.) and ISO 50001 standards quickly and easily.

CEDRE Premiers Pas : accredited expert

With CLIMATOPOLIS, you benefit from the CEDRE Premiers pas scheme offered by the Southern Region to take your first steps in decarbonization and energy transition. Calling on CLIMATOPOLIS in the Southern Region means calling on a regional expert who can advise and guide you on the first actions to implement to ensure your energy transition and initiate your decarbonization plan.To find out more about your eligibility and the terms and conditions of this scheme:
This CEDRE First Steps expertise enables companies to initiate their first transition actions, benefiting from a subsidy of 3,000 euros with a minimum outlay of 750 euros excluding VAT. Our mission is also to support your investment strategy by identifying the most appropriate solutions for your needs and uses. All investment decisions will be eligible for a grant of 7,000 euros for a minimum budget of 11,000 euros excluding VAT. CLIMATOPOLIS can also carry out a Life Cycle Analysis of your products, in order to identify your eco-design opportunities, as well as your carbon footprint using the Bilan Carbone® (ABC) method.

Document review

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Technical survey

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ISO standards

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Our areas of development

  • Inventory of tools and resources used
  • Regulatory compliance study
  • Ability to reuse and valorize the resources used
  • Consideration of impacted ecosystems
  • Solutions and procedures for reducing CO2 emissions
  • Compliance with national, European and international regulations
  • Waste reduction and recovery
  • Life-cycle analysis of marketed products
  • Integration of clean technologies (ENR, waste heat, etc.)
  • Assessment of working and technical standards
  • Consideration of financial impact and optimization
  • Consideration of financial impact and optimization