Improve the management of your water resources

In the face of climate change, we need to act and anticipate water shortages, which are set to worsen over the long term.

Innovative solutions at your disposal

As an integrator of sustainable technologies, following the initial audit phase, we will propose the solution(s) best suited to your needs, whether you're a company, a manufacturer or a local authority.

Water security

We support you in the financial development of projects that help preserve our water resources and the environment: ADEME, BPI, Green Deal, EU, Banque des Territoires.

Our areas of development

Consume less

Reduce water consumption: green spaces, water-saving devices, rainwater recovery, water circuit breaker, reuse of grey water.

Optimizing processes

Optimize water-intensive industrial processes to reduce water consumption: wastewater recycling, rainwater recovery.

Irrigation management

Optimize irrigation systems: new practices, use of drones to target needs.

Desalinating seawater

This is an effective way of combating water stress in arid coastal regions, home to around 40% of the world's population.

Water generator

The atmospheric water generator produces drinking water from the condensation of water vapor in the air.


We offer a range of tidal power generation technologies, including sea and river tidal turbines, paddlewheels and drone barges.

Plugging leaks

Water leakage control: mapping, improving drinking water and wastewater networks.


The Banque des Territoires supports local authorities in modernizing their infrastructure and management of water services.